Friday, October 3, 2008

Organizing in Pockets

My sister and I stumbled into this bag organizer from Pockets several weeks ago. She's using them now to keep her keys, MRT card, flash drives, lipstick and coin purse portable. It's a good thing for people like me who hardly change bags because it's such a hassle trying to figure out if I forgot anything, and my sister has been known to leave the house without her wallet because she left it in her other bag. The fabric seems sturdy but since the organizers are new, I will have to wait a few months to see if the material will fray. Their website also looks professionally done. I like it very much. I also feel heartened by the fact that they had their design patented which, to me, is another mark of their professionalism. Very few creators and entrepreneurs know their rights and I'm glad the people behind Pockets do.

They don't seem to have a stall but can only be found in bazaars, where we discovered them. This would be good if they were an impulse buy but now that I know about them and want more, I can't exactly plan into going to the nearest mall and picking up two or three. They have an online order form and they can mail one's orders, but I don't want to have to pay extra just to have one or two pieces shipped to me.

Lookit what we bought:

From their site:

Do you always find yourself forever digging into your bag for small stuff that you wish you had pockets to keep in? Do you have bags that just don't have enough pockets for additional storage? Our flexible and removable set of pockets gives your bag that colorful lining that creates space to handle almost everything you need.Our Pockets bag organizer, stands on its own and CONFORMS to the shape of your bag, making small items easy to find, giving your bag that bigger space for the larger wallets, notebooks or planners.

Changing bags is made easier by moving the entire organizer from one bag to the other. We have different fabric designs added each month.

Pockets has other items, but what I liked most, next to the organizer, is the their tidy bag with its external pockets that can handily contain bottles of shampoo and conditioner and stuff. I plan to use it to hold chargers, adaptors and other electronic items.

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