Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things to Do, Part 1

Two weeks to go before I leave and I still have to do the following:

  1. Go to the dentist
  2. Go to doctor
  3. Buy pearls from Quiapo
  4. Have photographs developed for A as souvenir
  5. Ask when checks will be processed
  6. Buy dollars
  7. Buy an Asus EEEpc
  8. Buy rubber shoes
  9. Buy sandals or walking shoes
  10. Buy underwear (I never leave on a long trip without new underwear)
  11. Meet up with C and M for their gifts for A
  12. Submit my pending assignments

A Long Wait for Furniture

Our Home finally sent assemblers to put together the wardrobe I bought from their furniture sale at SM Megamall last week. While the pieces were delivered promptly the next day, it actually took them a whole week to get back at us even though they promised me that the assemblers would come one day after delivery. If I hadn't called up last Friday, I doubt if we would have heard anything from them. So for a whole week, we had two boxes cluttering up the room, and laundry not put away properly. And no word of explanation for the extremely long delay. Sucks. I doubt if I'm going to go to Our Home for our future furniture needs. I mean, what if I had bought a bed? We would still be sleeping on the floor.

I hope Casamia Furniture Center President Philip Yao hears about this.

Building Up My Travel Fund with BPI Direct Save-up

BPI is offering a new product called BPI Direct Save Up, an automatic savings account that you can program to deduct a certain amount from your main account once a week, every other week, once a month or twice a month.

I first became interested in this product because it provides group insurance coverage. I wanted to get one for the parents but they only cover up to age 60. I get coverage, I guess, but I already have a fully-paid up life insurance policy. What I really want is for BPI to offer group health coverage instead. *sends a message out to the universe*

I programmed mine to automatically save P500 a month. I didn't think it was a lot at first but actually, it comes up to P6,000 after 12 months. If they had offered this earlier in the year, I would have money for Christmas presents by now. As it is, I'll have money for my next travel.

Right now, I don't have any consumerist goals other than paying for my next plane tickets. I had been thinking of buying an Asus EEEpc to make it easier for me to go to meetings and stuff, but I've already set aside money for that.

If I didn't have any travel plans, I think I will save up to make a down payment on an apartment which I can then rent out. Or I could use that P6,000 and invest it in stocks. Hmmm. For a long time, my goal was just to get a higher salary and be liquid, but maybe it's time to trade up. A lot of people dream about being entrepreneurs or retiring at a certain age and living on passive income. I think I will put that on my list.

Saturday, September 27, 2008