Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Long Wait for Furniture

Our Home finally sent assemblers to put together the wardrobe I bought from their furniture sale at SM Megamall last week. While the pieces were delivered promptly the next day, it actually took them a whole week to get back at us even though they promised me that the assemblers would come one day after delivery. If I hadn't called up last Friday, I doubt if we would have heard anything from them. So for a whole week, we had two boxes cluttering up the room, and laundry not put away properly. And no word of explanation for the extremely long delay. Sucks. I doubt if I'm going to go to Our Home for our future furniture needs. I mean, what if I had bought a bed? We would still be sleeping on the floor.

I hope Casamia Furniture Center President Philip Yao hears about this.

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