Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Color Me Pink

Since starting at my new office, my inner girly girl has been awakened. I didn't use to dress up, and I was always in a pants suit because it was the easiest thing to put together in the morning. Besides, if I wore a skirt to my former office, I would have stood out among all those suits. I was starting to send out Hilary Clinton vibes when the person I really wanted to be was Tina Fey. My new officemates were more girly than I was, and by association, I began to feel more comfortable dressing up. One day, I took the plunge and bought three dresses from Greenhills. P650 each! Previously, I would have deferred wearing them until I had a party or a dinner to go to but I started wearing them to the office paired with a tailored jacket and it was fine. Now, on to the next level, which is makeup.

I would love to win these A Design designer brushes being offered by The Little Window Shoppe for my starter set.

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